Split with Orek

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Chaos and Horror!

Syoth is chaotic and technically advanced Black Metal from Brian Paulin, USA, who  also produces independent Horror and Splatter movies with Morbid Vision Films. So far, only three recordings exist on Youtube. Brian plans to record all his written songs to publish them on CD.

What could I say? This music is VERY special. As I was asked to make a song for an audio play, which sadly didn’t get finished due to his death, Semael Nahash aka. System-Karzinom showed me Syoth as an example for what he expected. Since then these songs have been one of my main influences when it came to chaotic songwriting like on the improvised short Demo Sick of your Shit! as well as later songs like this one that will be published on coming releases.

Brian’s way to record is quite similar to my first recordings (on Alsp sprach…) – cheap equipment because of financial issues. But therefore it’s straight and honest music, so if you’re into it, support him! I’m really looking forward to listen to his coming releases!

These are the already existing recordings:


Lendas Ocultas

Lendas Ocultas

Lendas Ocultas from Brazil have been playing Black Metal between 1999 and 2005 where they only published a small number of two demo tapes and then reunited in 2014 to deliver us their first demo CD ‘Orgen Eugnas‘ in 2016, which will be re-released with two bonus songs in September 2017.  Their vocalist is owner of the Wolfmond support and distribution Label Haeretikus Production.

Sadly, in May 2017 their former drummer ALAIN NYBRAS died. The band decided to keep the former recordings to themselves and their friends, so they will stay in the shadows with their deceased friend.

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UrangstYoutube   Bandcamp   Metal Archives   Facebok

Urangst from Germany plays a unique raw and depressive style of Post-Black Metal and Dark Ambient. His songs draw you into a world crushed by desolation and sadness, expressed through harsh guitars and and an atmosphere carried by hopelessness and pain. So far my favorite album is Leichnam, but as the artist evolves and changes, I’m pretty sure that we can expect more strange and original stuff from Urangst!

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Resistance (Demo)

Cover_FrontReleased: March 2017 on Bandcamp (Free download includes bonus track)

Re-released: November 2017 via Wolfmond Production (includes new track and bass guitar in all songs)
I recorded this demo spontaneously in one go approximately an hour after finishing the songwriting for ‘Widerstand’. Sometimes when you just need to express yourself, then you should not wait until you can play and sing everything perfectly, because if you wait too long, the perfect moment might have been gone already. So even though it really wasn’t perfectly recorded, it was the perfect time to record it.

In memory of and dedication to Semael Nahash!

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